Battery Range and Specifications to Download

SEC HLi - Lithium Battery Leaflet

SEC UK series of - HLi - Lithium Batteries

Lithium rechargeable batteries have characteristics that offer fast recharging, light weight mono blocs and battery solutions, wide operating temperature range, excellent cycling performance (> 3000 cycles), low internal resistance, give high efficiency and a flat terminal voltage, therefore 100% of the battery’s capacity can be accessed. Our Lithium Ion batteries can be fully charged over a wide temperature range, partially charged or up to 100 % within 3 hours, using the correct charger or charging system..

Summary of HLiPH LiFEP04 Lithium Battery Range

SEC UK series of - HLiPH LiFEP04 - Lithium Batteries

SEC UK can design bespoke battery pack solutions or standard mono bloc batteries to suit all specifications, whatever the voltages and capacity requirements are. Applications include off-grid solar and/or wind, leisure market, DC power solutions, engine starting and primary power solutions; where fast recharge time is important.

SEC UK series of - HLi - Lithium Special Batteries

We have extensive experience in the design ranging from small bespoke battery packs through to Energy storage systems.

Features of range
  • Longer service life
  • Superior reliability
  • Excellent efficiency
  • 100% capacity is available
  • High energy density
  • Wide temperature range
  • Option on terminal types
  • Partial charge and discharge without damage to the battery