Battery Range and Specifications to Download

SEC HDC Deep Cycle AGM Battery Leaflet

SEC UK series of HDC High Deep Cycle/High Cyclic AGM batteries

The SEC UK AGM battery is a premium product in the mainstream VRLA monobloc market. Special alloy plates mean a long float life product with a renowned cyclic ability. Add in great high rate performance and you have a product that consistently outperforms the competition.

Summary of HDC Battery Range

SEC UK HDC - Deep Cycle/Super Cycle AGM Batteries

Our HDC series are AGM Batteries that have been designed for cyclic applications, whilst maintaining all the added advantages of starved electrolyte” technology; fast charging, very low gassing, wide temperature range, high capacity per mono bloc, can be operated in any orientation and is offering a Design Life of up to 10 years at 20°C.

Features of range
  • Double cycle life when compared to standard AGM batteries and durability for deep-discharge
  • Absorbed glass matt (AGM) technology assures no free electrolyte
  • Low self-discharge rate for long shelf life
  • Modern construction to improve service life
  • High gas recombination efficiency
  • High tin calcium alloy
  • IATA approved for Air Freight
  • Used in any orientation
  • Screw down terminals