SEC UK has a wealth of knowledge spanning some 30+ years through most of the well-known brands and all battery chemistry’s. We are the Industrial Division of Shield Batteries, based at the Leicester Battery Centre.

SEC UK’s core strength is our Engineering background, capable of looking at both the application and design requirements to meet the specification, offering either an “off the shelf” battery solution or where required a new design of a battery pack or battery bank. This ensures that the customer gets the best advice to achieve the optimum Power Solution for the application, at the best price possible.

Whether it be Lead Acid, Lithium or Nickel based battery types we can provide a range of batteries that will meet your needs, whatever the application. If you need the complete solution, which includes charger, whether it be a mains Smart charge, Renewable Energy or a combination, we supply Smart chargers from 2 to 60 amps, 12, 24 up to 48 volt, PV Panels, Charge Controllers and if you need to monitor what is happening with your battery system we have a range of voltage monitor units. SEC UK can provide a complete solution for you.

Core to our belief is free support and advice for all customers. Batteries designed to deliver, Batteries built to last. SEC UK provides safe, reliable battery products for trade and end user.

Our reputation and service record, quality control and experience make SEC UK the best answer for your global battery requirements.

Industries we supply
  • Aerospace
  • Rail & Trackside
  • Fire & Security
  • Health & Mobility
  • Gas & Oil Industry
  • Renewable Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Sport and Recreation